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Our Story

Our story is not ours. It’s yours. It’s the story of the senders. Those who send money, boxes, airtime, and more, to family and friends back home. You are the safety net when catastrophe strikes. You are a life saver and a builder of new dreams, and you are many. 

Diaspora communities around the world financially support their families abroad, especially during times of hardship via international money transfers, or remittances. In essence, you are the "insurers" for your family when an unexpected and costly event occurs, like an emergency surgery or an earthquake. These repeated, unexpected requests from back home can cause undue stress to your well-being and finances.

We wondered, what if there was something that could be done? What if your money could go further to help your family be prepared for and bounce back after a loss? 

In 2020, Milliman, a global actuarial consulting firm, sponsored a company-wide “hack-a-thon,” inviting teams to design financial services solutions that addressed some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Our team wanted to create something that would harness the power of international money transfers and promote resilience, both for senders and receivers. We wanted to create a new, smarter way of supporting your family abroad. We discovered very few solutions exist that specifically allow money senders to purchase products that empower their family and friends back home to manage risks.  

Born out of this came the concept of SendVia: a digital platform that allows you to purchase care products that help your families and friends back home, and gives you control of your finances so you can have peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are taken care of, even from a distance.    

We hope you join us on this journey to sending smartly. We hope you SendVia.  



The SendVia team