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About Us

At SendVia, we believe that borders shouldn’t stop you from caring for you and your family back home. We work with trusted partners to bring you curated products that help you build a thriving family through all of life’s moments.

Our vision: We created SendVia for the Senders of the world – those who send money, boxes, mobile airtime, and more - and for their loved ones back home. We empower Senders to build thriving and resilient families across borders by curating thoughtful and transformative care products that give peace of mind in all of life’s moments.

Our values:

  • Transformative: We focus on enabling Senders to take control of their family’s and their own well-being, make informed decisions, and protect their loved ones’ future. We empower Senders and their families to become more resilient, being able to bounce back better from the unexpected and be better prepared for life’s challenges.
  • Trustworthy: Based on SendVia’s networks in the insurance and related industries globally, we carefully vet and select trusted and quality partners that offer products that can be relied on for every moment. We prioritize secure and transparent systems so Senders know what they are purchasing and when their loved one will receive it.
  • Thoughtful: SendVia curates meaningful, supportive, and practical solutions - beyond the traditional money transfer – so that Senders can take better care of their loved ones while providing them with peace of mind.‚Äč
  • Inclusive: We are a platform for families and friends living across international borders. We know living across international borders is hard, complex, and filled with many unknowns. We simplify complex processes so that individuals of all cultures and backgrounds can be cared for through our products.